DENON DJ ASIO for DJ Controller archive

Hello… is there a archive I can go to for older versions of the ASIO for the mc6000mk2? Windows 10

I’m prretty sure only the current version runs on Windows 10. All previous versions were for older operating systems and would therefore be incompatible.

I have had nothing but problems with my mc6000MK2. I have a brand new computer (Hp Envy) that fits all the specs for serato and for Denon. I get a static not only through the speakers but through the headphones. I have been working with denon for about a year and Serato has NO idea. Ive used this unit in win 7 before and it worked. Is there a archive that I can download a old version and try it?

Latency. Slight pop and crackles. You need to optimize the shiat out of your laptop unfortunately, device specs only make a difference if you run your DJ software 100% (4decks+FX and everything else). Use a latency monitoring app to to isolate what win process is slowing the audio processing and causing spikes like here:

Buenos tardes mi niombre es Richie soy de Colombia,solicito quien me pueda colaborar con el driver ASIO de la denoN MC 6000