Denon 3700 platter issue

Hi there !

There’s probably a really simple answer to an intermittent issue that I am experiencing when using Denon 3700’s with Virtual DJ8. Occasionally the platter will automatically slow down the tune I am trying to mix. is this a setting in Virtual DJ that needs to change, or something on the Denons themselves ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hi! Happy to help!

A couple questions:

  • Does this happen completely at random or can you reproduce it consistently?
  • Does the platter slow down or is it just the audio playback?
  • Do both DNS3700’s experience this behavior or is it only one?
  • Does this ever happen when using the media players in standalone without the computer or Virtual DJ?
  • Are you using Mac or PC?
  • What firmware version are you using?

Make sure that you are trying different USB cables and ports in case this is a sporadic transfer speed problem with the PC. You may also want to try increasing your buffer size a bit in VDJ and/or changing the platter speed on the DNS3700 from 33 to 45 to see if that helps.