Delete songs in the hd that were previously removed from the Collection


I don’t know if this is possible but… I would like to delete the source songs in the external HD (or pendrive), that once were in the main collection, but I removed from it since I no longer wanted them.

I explin myself better (the numbers below are arbitrary):

  • Suppose I create a Folder in an external HD, named “Music”. In this folder, there are 500 songs. I import the folder in Engine Prime, so the 500 songs are analyzed, cue points established, etc… After some time, I realized that I don’t like 10 of this 500 songs, and I removed it from the Collection. Therefore, these 10 songs doesn’t appear in the Engine software anymore, but are still occupying space in the HD. Thus, I would like to delete these 10 songs (but I don’t remember which they are, so I can’t check one by one through the 500 songs to see if they are in the Collection or not)…

I hope I explained myself correctly. I think that I need kind of a “list” in plain text or something readable, of all the songs currently in the main collection, so I can compare this “list” to the contents of the HD. Can I have access to this “list”, if it exists?

Right click track

Show in finder

Delete from drive before removing from collection


Many thanks @mufasa! However your answer applies to the songs that have not been deleted from the collection (I will do it this way from now on), but I am asking the other way aorund: songs that were previously deleted from the collection… I suppose it’s not easy to get a list of all the paths to the songs in the collection, so I can compare and remove all that do not correspond to these paths…

Add all tracks back to EP, sort by date, the ones added today are either new tracks you just downloaded or the ones that you removed from collection but still in your hard drive.

Then drag all of them to maybe itunes or another program that you know that will allow you to delete from hard drive

If that doesnt work then you may have to open each tracks location and delete manually

Feature Request


Ability to delete files from EP directly (Delete from disk option)


Yes, I think that would solve my problem! Thank you!!

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