Delay When Releasing Jog

I’ve seen other threads on jogs not responding correctly to touch but not exactly my issue. One of my two SC5000s when manually cueing the track will not start playing for a second or so after I let go of the jog, as if it thinks my finger is still there. Before anyone suggests it, yes the film has been removed (they are almost 3 years old), and yes they are properly grounded (both players on the same Tripp Lite surge protector with three prong plug). Sometimes it’s fine, other times not, it seems like just picking it up and moving it around sort of solves the problem for a time. Any suggestions/ideas?

I’ve seen this only mostly after a firmware update. The SC5000 needs one extra power cycle to solve this.

I doesn’t happen after that anymore.

No recent updates, it’s still on 1.6.1. I’m going to leave it unplugged for a while and then clean the jog surface before powering it back up and see it that does anything.

Is there anything near the platters during the first few seconds of power up? Like decksavers, headphones, drives etc ?

Also …. In a darkened room , with a track playing, can you see the platter circle colour change as if you’re touching it, even when your hand is still a centimetre or so away?

No, nothing is on or near the platters when I turn them on, and I usually never touch the players until they are fully booted up and asking to load the connected source.

And no, hovering won’t do anything, it responds immediately to placing a finger on the surface, and cueing back and forth, it’s just releasing them where there is a delay.