Deck wont play in MOTOR mode, Wont Scratch and platter doesnt rotate (Brand new Deck)

Bound to be a RTFM… But new deck just arrived with an x1800.

Whenever I load a track (any track) the play button doesnt work. If I turn the Motor button off, works like a charm.

If I hold play, it plays for about half a measure and stops.

Happened before and after 1.4.1 update…



Hello @Atsuhiko,

Is it possible to move the track in PAUSE mode with a platter, do some scrathing?

Good point, nope… does nothing at all…

Can You record a video on a phone to show us what is going on? What functions are on, what are off etc…?

Sure! thanks for helping though buddy…

OK, how tight is Your platter? That looks like the issue is relevant to the platter. Did You made a software update?

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Done is was a naff build, sent back to the store and replaced.