Deck Freeze & Track Bleed

Hello, I’m a very proud owner of the Prime 4 however I’ve experienced a couple of issues;

1, Deck 1 froze and wouldn’t play track even though it would let me load another track on the touchscreen 2, Track bleed where the previously loaded track cuts in for a few seconds when a new track is loaded on the same deck. It’s with Inmusic for testing but bearing in mind its literally just over 30 days from purchase, I’m concerned and was wondering if anyone else has experienced these issues and what resolution was found? I love my Prime 4 and just want a unit that works as expected, was longest weekend ever without her to play on!


Until now… no

What firmware, what kind of track (mp3, aac, mpeg…) and what device ? Usb key, sd card, internal hd or ssd ?

Hi mate, I was running 1.4 & 1.4.1 using usb stick, it got progressively worst with the track bleed so made the decision to send it back as surely it shouldn’t be behaving like that.

Is it possible you are using an external ssd? I had one and it would hang the decks, freeze on track loading, not load tracks, crash the os.

The decks had no issue the ssd did. I replaced it for a crucial one and dont have any issues now.

Hi @Dean0 - Sorry to hear of the difficulty!

How are you making out? Did you contact our service team to help resolve the issue?

If you still need help, please visit the link below to find the right contact for your region.

Contact Denon DJ Global Support


I finally managed to swap my unit for a new one and am still experiencing some issues of hearing the previous track which I was made aware of (and also appear to be getting some ‘glitch’ of the current track where the track cuts in and out), as its a software issue and was told an update is due in approx. 6 weeks for fingers crossed it will resolve properly.

I’m at the point where I don’t want anymore stress tbh and learn to accept that if its not the hardware, it will get resolved in time.

I appreciate the work of your team and know everything requires time to perfect.



Hi @Dean0 - Glad to hear you have a new unit and hopefully the deck freeze issue has now been resolved.

For the second issue:

Is the behavior similar to this report?

Did swapping out the unit fix the deck freeze issue, I now have deck freezes on both decks. Initially it was small 10-20sec freezes now they are hard locked.

On a hard reboot they will load back up and play for a few seconds then lock up again, pulled ssd, swapped usb drives/sticks same results.

I as well thought maybe it was the samsung ssd, but even after pulling that no luck.

Hi @audioowl - Sorry to hear this!

This is not expected behavior. Please visit the link below to contact our support team for further assistance.

Denon DJ Global Support

We apologize for the inconvenience but promise to resolve this for you as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your patience.

Ticket opened a day or so ago, awaiting response to see resolution.


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Some of our offices have closed to stop the spread of the Corona virus. Just wanted give you a heads up incase you see a delay in our response. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Completely expected, and understood glad you all are taking the social distancing serious we all need too.

Thanks again

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I had deck bleed on a usb stick so I moved the files over to a Usb 3.0 only thing I put it down to was the original stick wasn’t fast enough.