Damian Lazarus rocking the SC6Ks!

Like the title says, Damian Lazarus (Crosstown Rebels label head) playing an eclectic set on the SC6Ks. It’s great to see more and more Pro DJs using Denon gear. This looks like his home space where I’ve watched him play other sets from, so maybe the SC6Ks are his personal preference now? If so, that would be be a really positive sign that the tide is shifting somewhat. Not sure to be honest. Either way, it’s a great set. Enjoy.


I’ve been noticing that djs are covering the pioneer logo on their cdjs more often now.

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It looks like the smoke machine guy is on commission :cloud: :cloud: :fog: :fog:

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I noticed that long before the SC Prime decks even came out. I don’t know what’s up with that.

Oh, and I went back and watched several of his mixes from 2020 onward…he plays on the SC6Ks several times. I think we have a convert!! Damian Lazarus is HUGE!! If he sticks with the SC6Ks, he could influence many (Pro) DJs to consider taking another look at Prime decks. Personally, I don’t care what anyone uses. I am going to use what I like regardless of whether someone I respect as a DJ uses what I use or not. The primary reason why I want the Prime Decks to gain in popularity is so when I play out it wouldn’t be considered outlandish for a lower tiered DJ such as myself to request a pair of SC6Ks to play on instead of CDJs. Plus, I guess the more people that buy Prime decks, the more money Denon have for R&D of future, more powerful Prime decks.

Unless he (and other more well known DJs that we saw in the last 3yr) bought them with his own money - it doesn’t mean shaite unfortunately.

My guess is that Pioneer has endorsed so many DJs that by now everyone taking a big stage knows and if they aren’t getting anything from Pioneer, they are doing everything possible to not advertise for them for free. This is just my educated guess and what I would do if I was being watched by thousands or millions and Pioneer didn’t wanna show me some love like they do to the likes of James Hype.


I don’t think I’ve seen any other DJ that appears to look busy working the decks in the electro dance scene. so to me, it makes sense for them to back him publicly.

They should change their riders and embrace the future :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Haha, I like what you did there.


People who relied on software will be more likely to embrace the Denon’s over the pioneer for standalone.

You really think having close to serato or other software features on deck won’t raise eyebrows and make people consider the denon as a more standard option relative to the current so called industry standard? :laughing:

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Well that is exactly my situation, that You described here. I jumped to Denon from Pioneer, as I mostly used nexus decks as controllers for traktor, because they don’t offer much in stand alone, and sound quality… was very noticeably worse on them than on Denons DNS3700. So I used Audio 10 or X1600/1700 as sound cards.

Yeah, and I think that’s why in the long run, provided Denon can keep adding more software like features, the Prime Series will eventually gain equal footing, if not surpass the reigning king, Pioneer. I REALLY hope that the new SC-7000 (not in a hurry, BTW…give it a few years, lol) will transition to ARM and add features like Pitch Play (get rid of slicer), Sample Player, Onboard Metadata Management, Frequency Separation, etc… If they can make a prime deck with nearly the same functionality as VirtualDJ, DJ Pro, Serato, Traktor, etc., there would be no stopping Denon! People would be like Pioneer who? Pioneer would be relegated to tired old DJs that refused to adapt to the changing times.

But why get rid of slicer? I love that feature and use it a lot.

I believe pitch play should of appeared since the the last update.

I find it hard to believe that it’s not there yet cause you can change key on screen so why not map it to the pads already?

It took me less than an hour to map it in Traktor.

Haha, I rarely, if ever, use it, and would gladly sacrifice it to have the aforementioned features. Cool, keep slicer and bring in all those other features as well.

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