Customer no service!!

Why is the moderator of this board on approving topics just one a day, M-F.

You don’t believe that the need for help could be urgent? I believe the point of the forum is to avoid people call your tech staff and instead helping each other out. But if all postings have to wait for a moderator that only looks at the board once a day on a business day only, then its best we just call into tech support and waste their time.

Apologies Discus is a relatively new platform and it seems there may be a technical issue with the auto-moderation we are looking into this with the goal to turn off auto moderation entirely. Sorry for this additional frustration.

Thanks for the reply. Seems like the Moderator is now off and I can post immediately.

not for me, still waiting for posts to be approved


reply to test how long posts take, one above was 4 days ago though it’s reflecting 4 hours.

For me also.