Corrupt Hard Drive Prime 4

I bought a Samsung Evo SSD 4TB hard drive and i formatted to exfat before installing. Once i installed the hard drive it came up as corrupt and comes up everytime i turn on my prime 4. I have erased it and formatted it twice and it is still saying the same thing. Has anyone else had this?

Hi @DJRussell - Welcome to the community, I’ll be happy to help!

Does the PRIME 4 display this message even with a the newly formatted drive without an Engine collection?

Have you tried to format the drive as a FAT32, does the problem persist?

Regardless of what operating system you are using, you should know that there are two kinds of partition table on hard drives: Master boot record (MBR) and GUID partition table (GPT). MBR uses the standard BIOS, and supports drives up to 2TB in capacity. GPT uses UEFI (unified extensible firmware interface) which can support disks larger than 2TB. So, if you find that you can’t partition a 4TB hard drive, it could be because it is an MBR drive. If it is an MBR disk, then you can solve the problem by converting the drive from MBR to GPT. Sometimes it is better to use a smaller disk in Prime Gear. I recomment not to buy larger drives than 2TB. (Also you have the ability to use streaming services in Prime Gear, such as TIDAL, (very soon Soundcloud, and also on the list will be Beatport …) So you don´t need a huge library anymore. (Also you can split your library to SD Card (Which is also available to 1TB) - I Have a 1TB SSD and a 1 TB SD Card … use Tidal … and have more as enough music for the people …)

also you can use USB-Sticks for different Genres like, House, Electro, Dance, Hip Hop, Rock, Reggea a.s.o.

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Great point! @DJRussell - Please ensure you are using the MBR partition type.

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and thats also the point, on mbr it is useless to have 4TB - because, it can´t be handled at full capacity. Resell you 4TB SSD and use a 1-2 TB … than you are in a save place.

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