Corrupt Database Error on MacBook Pro and Prime 4 DJ Controller

I am having major issues with the Engine Prime software and the Prime 4 DJ controller. When I open the Engine Prime software I receive an error that says "Database of Macintosh HD is corrupt and may not work properly. Please reformat and rebuild this drive. When I turn on the Denon DJ Prime 4 Controller I receive the error "Database of Denon DJ PR (Internal) is corrupt and may not work properly. In effort to correct the problems I did the following actions.

  1. I reformatted the 1TB SSD drive on the controller form FAT32 to ExFat; that seemed to have fixed the error from the controller however I can’t be sure because at this point there is nothing on the controller and I’m not able to add anything to it because of the Engine Prime error.
  2. I uninstalled the and reinstalled Engine Prime software multiple times on my MacBook Pro and consistently receive the same error or the software just crash. When the software doesn’t crash and the error shows I’m unable to access the collection, unable to scan by iTunes database, unable to connect to SSD on the Prime Controller, or add music directly. Has anyone ever seen this and maybe know a fix for it? I suspect the datebase is not being completely removed with the uninstall. But I don’t know. HELP!!! Please I have a Gig and no music… Not a good look at all.
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Have you run a disk status check on the mac outside of EP?

Yes I have and everything came back OK.

Delete the Internal DB manually.

It’s under Music.

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Thank you Mufasa, Deleting the DB manually did the job. Thanks again!

All good fam. You can always save thay database elsewhere manually for back up.

Delete the Internal DB manually.

It’s under Music. Do you mean on the usb or ssd inside the p4 or in the laptop it self?

I removed it from my Mac and he error went away.

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