Copying Files from Internal Drive to Thumb Drive

If I’m recording a session directly onto the internal HD, how do I copy or export that file onto my thumb drive? Is this even possible?

Will Denon ever give us the ability to upload our tracks directly onto MixCloud, SoundCloud, and / or Tidal?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

If you want to copy your file from internal hdd to a thumb drive, you need a computer. You have to bring DENON PRIME into computermode. Than you can copy the recorded audio, which is in “Sessions”, to you USB Drive.

Yea, for sure … it would be nice, if they would implement such a function. For me, it would handy if the PRIME-Series would have the essential functions like a desktop computer COPY,CUT,PASTE - And the Edit features for the TAGS.


@snaranjo each forum area has a dedicated ‘feature request’ area where users can ask for features, and also ‘heart’ requests made by other users.

Denon use the amount of ‘hearts’ a request has, to determine how popular it is, and whether to implement it (at some point in the years to come).

So, check out the requests, and ‘heart’ any that you’d like to see added to the units.

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