Confusion regarding stagelinq and MCX8000

I am confused as to how this will all work. I was under the impression (through advertisement) that the stagelinq port on the back of my mcx8000 would be capable of sending data to a computer or box that would be linked to lights such that I would be able to have automated light shows, responsive to my DJ set. Is this still the case? The timecode software doesn’t appear to have any automated features from what I have read, but rather provides a lighting guy with additional information. I want to be able to run software on a PC or have a box that reads the data coming from my mcx8000’s stageling port and sends dmx data out to my lights. I have been waiting for literally years for this capability and am getting discouraged by the extreme lengths of time between updates.


I must agree. Seems like there’s no product/ solution for the single mobile-dj. Not all are using a lighting guy and this TimeCode solution would stille be overkill with small setups. There should be a easy and simple solution like provided in RekordBox. :confused:


Hi all,

StagelinQ is a protocol that provides all the data from the DJ toward 3rd party softwares that Denon partners with. Timecode is a first implementation on this and there will be more implementations coming soon. There was also an announcement from Denon DJ a while ago that they acquired Soundswitch, which does exactly what you are describing, so you might see an integration with this coming soon as well.

Timecode video below -

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I’ve seen that video and it seems overcomplicated for the normal dj-gig or the normal club.

I have Soundswitch and even that is cumbersome to use. Maybe if one is doing a prepped set of say 40 tracks then it’s handy.

My library is close to 60k songs and it crashes mid analysis.

I’m currently looking at getting an app called Lightrider which works on android and iOS. It plugs into a 30 quid USB to DMX dongle via OTG. I just ordered dongle called SUSHI-DS on Amazon and I will let you know how I get on with it.

I saw a post on this forum with a guy using it. The app is free to download aswell. So you can have a look before buying the dongle.

Rekordboxdj way of having everything in-house sounds more straightforward on paper. You only need to analyse once. But Soundswitch with Serato,you analyse in Serato first and then you have to do it over in Soundswitch


I’m the guy with the Light Rider app you saw in the photo :slight_smile: For me its just a solution until there is a better solution than what Soundswitch can do today.

Credit to you.

@mufasa - but like I replied in the latest comment to that picture… remember to get at OTG cabel to the Sushi DS

I know that eventually, what I will likely want is the soundswitch box, my issue is the discouraging period of time between the release of the MCX8000 with stagelinq port, and the yet to be release support for this port. I would love nothing more than to use this unit in conjunction with my custom built gaming PC (super powerful) and a soundswitch box but the stagelinq support isnt here yet.

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Hi, just to drop here my opinion, as a mcx8000 owner, after giving up Pioneer: I agree! Denon was definitely overpromising their (future) customers with mcx8000 advertising in the 2016. It clearly showed a different, smoother experience with stagelinq. Ultimately, unless they’ve overcomplicated the architecture, it’s just about outputting on a rj45 port a bunch of Data that’s available to software already. Any 3rd parties could have then developed a super simple cheap software to map dmx signal onto songs. After 2yrs they’ve come up with half of a solution, incredibly costly, and not even sure if it’ll be available on mcx8000. History tells a lot of similar cases where this kind of close proprietary management was the aisle to the word ‘failure’ (soundswitch, stems, just to mention some in the dj business). Very much disappointed. Maybe competitors were better, with hindsight?


Hey Guys, Denon just announced today the compatibility of StageLinq with SoundSwitch. I hope the MCX8000 will be supported too. In my case SoundSwitch works perfectly for what it’s designed for: Light up my DJ-Sets. Of course I have to analyse & script certain tracks, but most of the time I’m playing back Autoloops, which I select with a Launchpad.

Its also supported in Resolume now !

Any outsiders could have then built up an overly basic modest programming to outline flag onto tunes. After 2yrs they’ve concocted half of an answer, unimaginably expensive, and not in any case beyond any doubt on the off chance that it’ll be accessible on mcx8000. History tells a great deal of comparable situations where this sort of close exclusive administration was the passageway to the word ‘disappointment’ (soundswitch, stems, just to specify some in the dj business)

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Today I am a very happy user of SoundSwitch… Its wayyy better than expected!

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