Computer Mode

Help! New owner of the Prime 4. Have Engine Prime on the computer (MAC). Put computer as source for Prime 4 and I only get the “Computer Mode” screen.

How do you play the tracks from Engine Prime (currently on the computer) on the Prime 4?

I know its connected as I performed the update to 1.4.1 …

Check the forum, there are many questions about it. Anyway, Engine Prime can’t be used as a source for Prime 4. Computer mode is a controller mode for Serato.

You can’t currently do that. It’s requested.

Vote for it via the link below

All votes count :writing_hand:t5:

Congrats on your Prime 4 and welcome to the forum :fist_right:t6:

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Thanks, man! I did not see the link to vote but I appreciate your response.

Click on the post link from @mufasa and then click the heart (like button) under the post.