Compatibility with prime 4

:joy::joy:, but only if it automixed the 8 decks

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But Denon DJ put that quantity of link sockets on the mixers, and gave the SC players that number of outputs. They did this even though it’s “not normal”. With one hand they give, and with the other they take away :smiley:

Maybe not only him (I use also all 8 layers from my sc’s for fun with loops at home)

Lol. I wouldn’t call you normal either! :innocent::laughing:

Perhaps 8 layers sync will be stable someday.

So I just got my SC6000M. First off I love it. Top notch quality as always with Denon. I hooked it up to my prime 4. You can use it as stand-alone or as a controller with virtual DJ with both prime 4 and the SC6000m in controller mode. In stand-alone mode with the prime 4 it allows for two channels to be used on the prime 4 while the two other are to the MC 6000m. It will not keep beat sync with the prime 4 however beat sink will work if used in controller mode with virtual DJ. Also the link or ethernet function works perfect therefore you do not need a SSD or a thumb drive if you already have a hard drive in the prime 4. So now especially with virtual DJ there are so many options to utilize that I’m proud to have the SC6000m added to my Denon collection.