Compatibility with latest Mac Catalina v10.15

Hi can anyone shine some light on when the latest Engine PRIME will be compatible with the latest Mac OS Catalina v10.15. ?

Thank you in advance of any help at all.


Yep, what he says??:arrow_up::arrow_up:

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Watch this space

As far as Im aware, we’re still waiting, it’s a joke, ALL your top Dj’s use Mac’s and yet it seems that the developers at Denon have forgotten this. If Im wrong Denon then please advise me.

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I accidentally updated my Mac when Catalina came out. As of 12/2/19 I’m still waiting for compatibility with Mac 10.15 Catalina. :sleeping:

Hi, I did the same a while back (43 Days ago), you can still use Engine but mine kept freezing up on me, it seems that we have been forgotten, which makes me laugh, you buy top spec gear like this and in our case top spec computers, then it’s us that gets left behind, surely all of the world class Dj’s have Macs, or at least you think that they would. Hold on in there.

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So why is this NOT an Apple issue? They broke nearly all “pro audio software” after this update on their premium priced computer gear…

I’m sure it’s in the works and otherwise you could simply go back to previous MacOS version. Surely one would have a Time Machine backup when used professionally.

Totally understand where you are coming from on this, Mac really can be a total pain in the arse, but on saying that they are a great machines. I know it takes time to do the updates here with EP but this time it just seems to be taking for ever. I might just do what you say and do a turn back to the previous OS

EyeDJ good luck restoring to previous macos versions. apple’s apfs filesystem still doesn’t support time machine drives. sure you can back up stuff, but hfs+ can’t deal with the new folder hard links. instead, it creates new folders and therefore bags to desync folder contents with the next os update because apple doesn’t update files in every folder

Reese and it’s not entirely apple’s fault. they announced two years ago to get rid of 32bit apps, including 32bit libraries.

hey @EyeDJ

Official MacOS Catalina support is forthcoming with the next update to the Engine Prime desktop software.

I don’t have timeline i’m able to provide at this stage as for when this release will be publicly available, but hopefully not too much longer to go.

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Fibric, completely decided not to do a turn back, read up on it and like you say, it creates further problems that I just don’t need, how great would it be if everyone at Denon listened or actually read all of these comments to see that not everyone is happy with their handling of situations like this.

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It would be nice to get EP support for Catalina. EP does absolutely not working well with Catalina. Other software is supporting it already. Like Traktor or Serato. I bought a few days ago the high end prime setup for 4000€ and now i am a bit disappointed that the software to prepare is so bad. I mean is there only one person working on that update in the spare-time? Catalina is with the beta phase nearly 6 months available. Another thing are the functions of EP other software is far more developed and has much more features. The equipment seems to be very solid, but i can’t use it at the moment so i will sent it back. The hardware is top but Denon has a huge software problem. Sorry Denon

Hey @Tigerstryke, Catalina support is coming with the next version of Engine Prime. Hold tight, this will be available soon.

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that’s great new to hear! will the next update work out other bugs in the software as well?

@Steven.V Yep absolutely! We’ve fixed a lot of bugs for the next release, in-fact one of the development team has solely been fixing bugs in the software since we opened the dedicated software office in New Zealand.

What issues in particular you’ve been experiencing?

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Reese…Apples fault? They announced the change over a year ago. All the other softwares have had the update including Rekordbox now. Who’s going to go back to a previous version of apple operating system once they’ve updated, would be a nightmare.

On top of this there still hasn’t been any firmware update for the MCX8000 so can’t use it with Serato either. All I can play are old tunes imported from EP on a stick. It’s been months. Come on Denon.

Well it never is Apple’s fault…is it?

In the past Microsoft announced a new driver model to hardware manufacturers a year before official release. Official release came and people lost the ability to use their hardware, because of the lack of driver support. Guess who’s fault it became…?

I use an iPhone every day, but my computers run Windows.

Apple makes a lot of mistakes and they never fix bugs when a bug was reported in earlier versions. But Apple announced long ago that they will eventually remove 32bit support. Longer than a year ago Apple disallowed submitted 32bit software to the Mac App store. So any developer who decided to distribute through the Mac App Store was not affected because they needed to make the move already.

But developers not using the Mac App Store because of the use of certain private APIs were apparently caught by surprised “surprise”.

Disconnected from Apple’s Developer portal, developers may have misjudged the urgency to drop 32bit support.