Columns in Prime and their corresponding fields in file details

Wow, thats a long title…! Apologies.

My query though is this. Recently my Engine library database borked and rendered Engine useless. (Still waiting for a reply to my support call too Denon Support guys… .been over a week now) Ive sinced renamed the Engine Library folder and started the crippling slow process of reimporting all my music and having to tidy up the artist names, labels, track titles etc.

This got me thinking. Some of this information pulls through just fine and displays nicely. Some doesnt and some things appear in Engine that I just cant see when going to the actual music file, clicking its properties then looking in the Details tab. One example is “Purchased from Beatport” which appears on everything I buy from Beatport. It shows in the comments column in Engine, but I cant see “Purchased from Beatport” in any of the fields in the Details tab for the track.

So, is there a table or list of what fields in that Details tab correlate to the various columns we can have in Engine Prime? I’d like if possible to just tidy up all the actual mp3 and wav files with all their correct information like artist name, label, cat number etc and then have all that same info pull through to Engine Prime.

If that could be done, it would save me the aggro of having to re-enter all this information again if Engine Prime has another wobbler. I now know what to back up for its database etc, and my music folders are backed up elsewhere too. Im just trying to make the source details correct so that they all flow through from there if that makes sense.

You can use “mp3tag” to edit MP3 files. It is free, convenient (it also allows the automatic compilation of tags starting from the file name or other information). Search the internet for “Mp3tag download” and find it. When you have completed all the tags, they will remain in the mp3 file and you will no longer have to rewrite them.

I’ll check that out, but do we know which fields relate to which columns in Engine Prime? Some are obvious, but I know for a fact that the Comments field in the mp3 file doesnt match the comments column in Engine Prime.

If you are using a Mac Yate is very good - you have to pay for the full version (not much), but you can use Discogs and Beatport to fully update all your track info.

Thanks, but Im using Windows.

MusicBrainz Picard is an alternative to Yate on the Mac.

These are all cool suggestions to get the details in the actual MP3/WAV etc files and make them tidy. Thank you. However, does anyone know which fields of information in the file details relate to the columns in Engine Prime?

As far as I’ve ever noticed, they are all labelled correctly, unless you after something more obscure. Which particular field are you interested in? They are all self-explanatory tbh, the only one that could cause any confusion is track corresponds to track # in Prime.

Not really a particular one, more in general. It would be nice to see a table or similar that shows how they match up. I did mention one in my original post though about comments. When I import a file bought from Beatport for example into Prime, under the Commens column it says Purchased from Beatport. If you look at the details tab on the actual file though, that comment just isnt there, so where is it pulled from??

I also use Traktor Pro 3 which has 2 ‘Comments’ columns.

As i use Mixed in Key one of these is populated with the Key result and Energy of the track which is shown in EP, whereas the 2nd Comment field i use for my own personal tags such as Vocal, Classic etc and this does not show up in EP.

Perhaps you are looking at the second comment column?

I clean all of my tags using MP3tag so i can’t check this for you.

I use ‘Kid 3’ to check audio file tags, it’s free for Mac and Windows. I believe Engine Prime reads ‘tag 2’ when you import the files. This is where you will see the ‘comment’ field you are referring to that imports to EP. If you don’t want the comment to be imported, it’s best to strip/change the tags with a program like Kid 3 before import.

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Not heard of Kid3 before. I’ll give it a try. Thank you.

Do you do the reimport track information (right click the track)? Sometimes you need to do that to pull all the information through. Comments have always been in the comments column for me though. @MikeC’s advice is good to have a look at what you should be seeing in Prime.