Color waveforms Serato DJ Pro

Why can’t we not get color waveforms when we are connected to Serato DJ Pro? RGB colors.

The same reason why there aren’t moving color waveforms on CDJ’s when you use them with SeratoDJ. You should go to Serato forum and make a request there, this is not something that Denon controls.

Yeah it’s a shame but at the end of the day a lack of communication between companies and a lack of aftercare is to blame for a lot of features that simply should be but simply aren’t.

Blame Serato? or Blame Denon?

or perhaps both who knows?

Either way all we can do is inform both the features would be appreciated in future updates.

The view over here seems to be Blame Serato and if you go over to Serato and ask about it in their forums you quite simply won’t get any official reply other than posts from other public members.

But a feature must be of a use , a real use for it to be of a worth to add. Split of the waveform into more than 3 or 4 colour doesn’t give anyone any information of use extra even when waveform is standing stationary and even less use when scrolling fast past

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