Changing my ride. What do you think I should go for?

Hi! Im new here. Im about to change my ride and use Denon Prime system instead of NI Traktor pro 3. Im afraid I will miss some features and hope that you guys will help me out here. I have used Traktor remixdecs with sampels loops and drums to lift my mixes and remix on the fly! The use of two NI F1 with independent fast volume change to up to 8 samples simultanously is amazing!!! I really want to get rid of my laptop and thats why I want something new. I have good ewxperience of denon from the first denon 2000 cd player till denon mc 6000 that I loved for a long time. Now I ordered a Denon DJ Prime 4 and I cannot see anything about possibillities to use samples. It is soon possible to use serato and they offer samples but only limited compared to native instruments… Do you guys have a suggestion here? Maybe not the expencive Akai Force that cost alsmost as much as entire denon prime 4 system…

Personally if you use a lot of samples, remix decks etc. you’re maybe better sticking to the software/laptop side.

I use VDJ and would certainly miss a shedload of functionality moving to a Prime standalone setup as it currently stands. Traktor is it’s own beast and has a lot of features that are exclusive to it’s ecosystem.

I see you’ve ordered so I guess you’ll just need to see what’s missing and work from there. This controller will be strong in certain areas and weak in others. It really depends on your way of working and the functionality required. Prime is also due a major update with some basics that should hopefully be out before the player arrives.

It will also be some time (if at all) before it will be midi controllable, but then you would need a laptop and software so back to square one.

Short: You won’t find a sample playback capability in a standalone system that can be compared to a DJ software. Yet.

You need to decide how important is that to you. Prime 4 will have SDJ compatibility but I doubt it will be on the level of standalone performance.

You’d need something like an Akai MPC for samples & loops. I too have gone from using Traktor to 2 SC5000’s. I like being freed from the laptop for general mixing but I use lots of samples for my downtempo/ambient sets and haven’t come to terms with what I’m going to do.

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Put all of your samples on either deck layer you aren’t using. Put your samples in Ableton and edit them where they will be in one track then on your sc5000 load that sample edit and make your cue points = (each cue point one sample)


This was an excellent idea. To use samples of drums just loop it from questart!


That’s exactly right:)

I have a thought regarding the “sample” issue! Im used to Traktro pro 3 and their way of arranging samples with “remix decs” Now everyboduy tells that De non Prime 4 is going to be fully compatible with Serato and that also means that Denon needs to in some way support samples since Serato does. Does it mean that If I hook Denon Prime 4 to a computer and run serato I can get samples and stand alone, not. Pioneer supports samples, Serato does, Viritual DJ does why not Prime also?

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You would need to run the prime 4 in Serato mode at the moment to get sampler functionality.