CH3 fader seems to be dead

Hi. I have just connected my MC6000MK2 to two CD decks (DNS-1200s) and two vinyl decks. I have the CDs connected to inputs LN1 and LN2 and vinyl to LN3 and LN4.

On CH1, if I select any of the available external inputs (LN3, LN1 or LN2), I can hear the audio when I press the cue button so it is getting through from all the connected devices into the channel itself. It also lights up the LED meter if I switch it to CH3/4. Sound comes through the booth output if I assign it specifically to CH3.

However, when I put the fade up, no sound from CH3 goes to the master and the LED meter lights do not come on if switched to master, regardless of which input is selected for that channel. Is this possibly a problem with the fader? The other three channels are behaving normally.

Any help appreciated! Thank you.

Have you checked the crossfader and what channel are assigned to that ?

The MC6000 mk2 is notorious for faulty channel selection switches (the click ones at the top). I’ve seen a few units with dead channels and it was failure of the switch causing the problem.

Hi both, thank you for your replies. The crossfader is correctly assigned. With regards to the channel selection switch, it is feeding the right audio through when I cue the channel so on LN1 I can hear CD1, LN2 I hear CD2 and LN3 I can hear vinyl deck 1. Also when I feed CH1 direct to the booth output using the booth assign switch, that works fine. The only thing not working is sending the audio from that channel to the master output ie. the fader being up and down makes no difference. There is no audio from that channel coming through the master output (or the booth output when master is selected).