Case for P4?

Can I get recommendations for a case for the Prime 4.

Saw the Magma Denon Prime 4 DJ Controller Case (MGA40994)

but also like the laptop shelf of the

Harmony HCMCX9000LT Flight Glide Laptop Stand DJ Custom Case

Would love recommendations

magma is good for me - tight fit / flush to the top of the unit

the swan case looked like it exposed the unit too much with the top off

depends how much you wanna spend - after these 2 the price kinda hikes (last time i looked )


the magma coffin (#MGA40994) looks great.

I landed up ordering my Prime 4 from B&H and they had a kit available where you get the black/black ProX Denon Prime 4 coffin (SKU: XS-PRIME4 WBL) for free, essentially the same price as Amazon for just the Prime 4. Amazon only had one Prime 4 left the day before I ordered and is the reason I even checked other sites).

I think the ProX will work. If it doesn’t, I’ll order another coffin.

i would have bought that over the magma if i had seen it at the time! nice find

That might be a good thing for ventilation, especially if you’re DJing for extended periods and/or in hot or humid places

hadn’t considered that good point

I ordered the silver pro x flight case Havn’t gotten it yet tho. Flight Case for Denon Prime 4 Standalone DJ System with Wheels | ProX Live Performance Gear

i remember them now from when i was looking . they look unavailable on this side of the atlantic :frowning: very nice tho

I got the magna. Snug fit and its doesn’t let the prime move around at all. Its a quality build and the handle takes the weight well.

Hope this helps

Hi guys,

I have a Swan case, it works great and if you order with flight panels option it is much lighter than any other.