Cart Recommendation for VL12

Hello Everyone. New here and this is my first post. I am not a DJ but I am using my VL12 for home listening only. What do you think is the best cart to pair with it? Thank you.

Go for a Grado.

I am using a shure whitelabel right now. Will I hear a huge difference if I switch to grado?

That’s a matter of taste, I guess. I use a DJ100. It’s clean in sound.

Shure has stopped making needles and cartridges, btw.

I have no experience with other brands but I think I might try the Grado and see if I like it, is the stylus of dj100 replaceable?

Yes. Plus I’d Google for reviews etc. It might not be what you are looking for.

While because of the current design oddities the VL12 would not be my first choice of TT to mix on, for just listening you have a wide range of cartridges to choose from and I would stay away from DJ cartridges. I would not buy the Grado DJ line for that purpose, but their other cartridges are nice if you like euphonic sound that fully embraces how vinyl colors sound in a pleasing way. They sound huge, lush, and forgiving. They will not simply sound like the original master recording.

If you want no additional euphonics and just strait, precise accuracy, the Denon high-output moving coil designs are pretty great. Like Grado’s low-inductance moving iron cartridges, the HOMCs are mostly immune to phono preamp & cable loading characteristics and will similarly remain relatively flat and extended compared to moving magnets. The Denons usually have lower output than the Grados but it’s still useable and does not require a transformer as you would with normal low-output moving coils.

The low-inductance MI Grados and HOMC Denons I’ve tested all have excellent micro tracking or intermodulation distortion characteristics when set up properly. As far as macro tracking and skip resistance in forward play, the Denons have the edge, in my experience.

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Hi, What do you think about Audiotechnica and Nagaoka Stylus for home listening only? Or do you still recommend HOMC Denon’s ones?

I’ve never used the Audiotechnica VM540ML and Nagaoka MP100. I can’t even find inductance specs on the MP100.