Can you turn off the needle drop function?

Can you turn off the Needle Drop when hooked up to Serato DJ? I know in standalone mode, needle drop does not work.
I just keep hitting it, or it changes even when i am close to it, so sensitive…

Any help is greatly appreciated.


I think you’re talking about the touch strip. If so, in serato, if I remember correctly, you can set an option to either force you to hold shift button, or, disable the touch strip while in playback. Ive been using traktor for most of the time I’ve owned the unit so my memory is a bit off.

I also found this.

In standalone, you have to press the top of the jogwheel and then use the touchstrip.

Yes, Thank You uzii305 Changing it in serato worked! It is so sensitive and thanks for finding that. I searched using different terms, but not tough strip.


Mcx8000 can be used with traktor?