Can you explain che Smart loop, cue solo mode ,mode cue to loop in?

Hello everybody, can anyone please explain clearly to me what those 3 features do? I searched around but it is still not clear to me… I am trying to replicate some useful features of traktor on the prime 4, maybe that is what I am looking for… Thanks Francesco

Hi @Frafer, thanks for posting. I can help you out:

-Smart Loops: This setting determines whether or not a manual loop will be automatically expanded or reduced to a conventional length (e.g., 2 beats, 4 beats, 8 beats, etc.) when you set it. Select On or Off. This setting works independently of the quantization setting.

-Cue Solo Mode: This setting determines how many channels can be sent to the cue mix. Set to On to have only one channel at a time in the cue mix, or set to Off to cue multiple channels at a time.

-Move Cue To Loop In: This setting determines whether the song’s Cue Point will automatically be moved to the start of a loop (On), or remain at its current point (Off).

Hope this info helps. These and more User Preferences are clearly defined in the PRIME 4 User Guide, and we also have a full PRIME 4 Tutorial Series (YouTube) available for additional reference.