Can I Use The Same External Harddrive For Engine Prime & Serato?

Newbie to Denon products here!

Do I need to have a separate harddrive for each program? I would hate to have to have a separate drive and move all that data over.

I do different types of events and sometimes use my turntables with Serato but want to use my SC5000M’s for other events and not use a laptop at all and use the same drives for either scenario. Even the scenario where I may want to use the SC5000M’s with Serato or one turntable and one media player.

Serato user here

  1. You can use the same drive with Serato DJ and Engine DJ desktop

Now say you use the serato collection import in Engine DJ desktop

  1. If you unplug the drive from laptop, you can also use it straight with the 5000m


  1. I don’t think it’s technically possible to use the same drive in a 5000m one side and Turntable (serato) one side set up though

For Serato to read the drive, the 5000m must be in controller mode, if the drive is plugged into the 5000m. When I’m controller mode, standalone is not possible.

If the drive is plugged into the laptop, the 5000m can’t see it for standalone playback

Okay this helps, thanks. I really just want to make sure that I can use a drive with the Denon standalone one day and then the next day plug that same drive into my laptop and use it with serato without any issues.

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  1. Import your serato collection to Engine desktop collection
  2. Run analysis

Thats all

The external drive can be used with both Serato and the SC5000M

Caveat - exfat format

Outstanding! Thanks again.

dont forget to back up the entire drive