Bugs I noticed on my new prime 2 device experience experience solutions await

A little tale about the bugs I noticed on prime 2: Who has already experienced that denon dj prime 4-2, and the sc series (by hearing) even the ssd often freezes recording? What are the experiences? In addition, the recording is very quiet, requires post-production … -8dB approx … Then if you quickly press the cue button and set a hot cue, you will lose the cue dat once and not respond to the cue button! Then there’s the fact that if you have a flash drive plugged into the first socket, read it only 3-4 times, then it was like I went to a piece of music and the song wasn’t damaged but the whole engine restarted on prime 2. rough!!! Is there an official forum where these could be posted by the manufacturer? Because if these are eliminated with bugfixx 1.7, we’re fine! Until then, unfortunately, I don’t like these things, and Pioneer is better at this!


You are on the official forum. Just need to be in the right section for every issue you encounter.

To report a bug create new topic here: https://denondjforum.com/c/media-players/bug-reports-media-players/181

Make sure to read this first: https://denondjforum.com/t/guidelines-tips-for-writing-bug-reports-for-media-players/21358/3

For the record volume make sure to like the first post of this topic: https://denondjforum.com/t/recording-pop-up-window-for-prime-4-level-meter-and-level-adjust/14199

There are more topics out here about subjects, use Search results for '' - Official Denon DJ Forum and feel free to jump in the discussions.

Since u experience trouble with freezing or rebooting, what models of USB are you using?


Please delete topic. Thank you.