bug with the FX Strip??

Please review from 13:35 to 13:40 from this guys video and let me know if this is an issue.

-He has a track playing -on the mixer, he has echo on -he is demoing the touch strip -he stops the deck -when he goes back to the touch his finger hits one of the values (top one on the strip) -Audible click or sound come through his speakers for a second and goes away.

I am thinking about buying this setup and am reading and watching a ton of videos as I don’t want to regret my decision. I was a proud owner of the nexus lineup but will gladly move away from Pioneer as a company even though I like their gear. This may not be the time and place for this but I wish that Denon treats their customers better than Pio. especially on the forums.

Thanks, Shain

Could be anything - poor Earth on his single setup, something nasty plugged in, ground loop, laptop in the chain, crap cables, a single poorly mixer, audio already in the fx buffer (some effects now have freeze/hold feature)

Nothing to stop a purchase of a prime setup though

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If I recall I was messing around with the touch strip when I first got it and I don’t recall ever experiencing this. To me that didn’t sound like a “click” it sounded more like part of a snare so perhaps on that effect it held an audio buffer like Jetsound mentioned. To me it seems you would have to perform those actions in that particular way for that to occur.

Use the jelly strip all the time and never experienced any clicking.

Thanks guys. I have now purchased my Prime series setup (SC5Ks & X1800) and don’t have the issue either :slight_smile: