BPM issues with the synced (slave) deck

I am having issues with BPM readings… might as well use my 1210’s.

Using Engine Prime, I burn a USB, insert into Deck 1… Deck 2 reads the same USB but is not playing at the same BPM. It isn’t clocking the USB… oddly it’s not a specific % out of sync, it needs constant attention.

I have upgraded Prime and both decks to the latest software. Running SC5000 C’s

Anyone else getting the same grief?

Have you removed the platter foil on the players?

Did you try playing the same track on both players?

Can you explain all of this?

I think he’s thinking that every track on the usb is supposed to jump pitch to whatever BPm the first played track is

Or maybe some of the tracks have a wrong bpm figure stored in their tags

Hi guys

No I’m not using Sync button, that’s for Paris Hilton! I have had these for a year now and not had this problem on analysed tracks (had it before when the tracks haven’t been run through Engine) This seems to have happened since I updated them but they were fine for the first couple of days.

It seems to be the deck that is the slave (without the USB stick in) it’s telling me the track is playing at 138bpm, but it is not. Whilst I can try and beat match them manually (as you would without bpm counters) they do not seem to hold the pitch either. Odd…

After typing this I just transferred the same crates to another USB and used two identical USB’s on each deck locally, fine, no problems!

I’ll fire it up again later this morning and see if its still an issue, @mufasa, you’re right I should of tried exactly the same track on each, will give that a go and report back