BPM and time is different on Prime Go compared to my mixing software

I’m using a software programme called Mixmeister to create mixes in preparation for sets, I just got myself a Prime Go but there appears to be a massive discrepancy between the BPM and the running time.

So I work off 148bpm for my Hardhouse tracks on Mixmeister but it seems to sound obviously faster on the Prime Go than Mixmeister set at the same BPM and the time count is completely out too.

Can anyone shed light on this as I need this all to sync as I label my tracks with the exact time to drop the next tune so I know when to drop it so I can get nice mixes and this throws all of that out the window!

In addition…

So I tried texting this by playing Mixmeister on my laptop and using the headphones on the Denon Go to match the BPM. It turns out the BPM is the same as it syncs however the issue is the running time. It’s slower on the Denon Go!

So when the track on the Denon Go is at 1 minute, on Mixmeister its 1.04

Problem is who know whether the issue is with the time on Mixmeister or with the Denon Go!

Shame I only just discovered this after putting together 10 long sets with drop times using Mixmeister :frowning:

All software analyses bpm (and key for that matter) differently.

Some software is better at calculating certain styles or genres of music and worse at other types.

Is there a way on Engine Prime desktop software to layer tracks over one another like a mix to work out sets where the BPM and time counter would match that on the Prime/Go itself or would I just need to use the hardware directly to work out the drops?