Both SC3900 platter stop spinnig

Hi. I don’t know why but both of my 3900 stop spinning randomly. Im using scratch live with the Rane SL2. I need to repress the play button so the track can play again. I need help for this please. Thank you!!!

if you put a CD in, select Continuous play, does the platter still stop randomly, or does it carry on moving ?

Hi. I’ve made a few test: when i put a normal CD music in both 3900, the cd player works fine. But when im using my Scratchlive CD’s, the problem comes out. I did the firmware update on both 3900, the problem is still there.

Is the serato stopping after 12-15 minutes? There used to be a problem that Serato would stop after that time because their CD/Vinyl track reached the end, or Serato software felt that no music track was -that- long.

I don’t know if that’s still an issue for Serato.