Boot Loop and some smell

Fired up my Ms just a few moments ago.

One player went into a boot loop and will not power down


It now smells funny, but no visible smoke

Still plays music…

October 2018 purchase date


:scream: Sorry to hear… Hope Denon can help. :pray:

Any update on this? I’m sure you pulled the power cable and tried to power it on again… what happened?

ehm… it smells like “funny” ? :thinking:

Hope you got it sorted :+1:

It all kinda makes you think about just getting the latest Denon DJ CD Players and just using Roxio toast titanium pro 17 along with an external USB LG disc burner and burning all your downloads to quality CD write discs and at least you wouldn’t have all the headaches or anxiety surrounding longevity and software/hardware support. Everything will more or less have to be done by ear(still have BPM/key data)and at least you know you still have that knowledge/skill locked away in memory and once it’s on CD media in a DJCD/USB player then no more worry about software/hardware support expiring and just burn all to high quality Mp3 and as all the players would need is a “Patch” update thing probably once or twice in its long lifespan.

It plays music and appears to be working normally.

Dealer has been alerted as well.

So that’s only 15 months down the track and this has happened? Upon purchase of my players I was asked if I wanted to extend the warranty from 12 months to 3 years. I kind of wish I chose the latter

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15 months is nothing really if you ask me and would expect not to have anything serious occur to hardware in this relatively short period. My MacBook Pro Mid 2015 has been left awake(lid open)with only the display set to sleep on a timer and for the last 5 years! App is called no sleep or something like that from macOS App Store and you can set it up so no external discs sleep/wake up. Apparently it shortens the lifespan of Macintosh HD(too much sleep when lid closed/awake when lid opens wake for wi-fi access stuff gets disturbed cold parts having to warm back up) Also helps to not have any apps running when not using Mac…ie:switch off Bluetooth no safari iTunes etc…

So in the end nothing really happened? Perhaps it was some dust or grease that got hot somehow.

Hopefully no further problems!

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Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:t5:

Prepping for a gig tomorrow with them.

I will bring along Serato just in case it craps out on me.


Seen a few posts on here regarding power down/up issues with SC5000/M’s could really be a firmware bug thing that needs fixing?

You can always use one player with the dual layers ;).

Good luck!

Sound check went fine. :pray:t5:


Toast unfortunately. :frowning_face:

Made it through, no issues.:blush:


good luck then! hope nothing smells anymore, but if the problem appears one more time so check your dealer :ok_hand:

Maybe it always smelled the same but you never put your nose on it until the power down problem happened. Then you thought you’d try sniffing it

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No sir/ma

I didn’t put my nose to it. I perceived the odor at my usual dj posture, then I followed the smell with my nose to one unit.

That means the device can have a issue and needs to be at least optically examined inside by service tech, before it gets worse.

I have got the same weird smell when i bought players at every boot. Now sometimes i can smell it but it is like once a month or less. I think it is some grease in 5000m motor or fan gets heated nothing serious. It is not burning something smell rather hard to explain.