Bluetooth headphone with Mc6000mk2


Sorry i m french, so my english is bad…

I have recevied Sennheiser HD 350BT headphone for Christmas and i would like to know if it’s possible to use it with my mc6000mk2 with a bluetooth adaptator ?

Thanks for yours answers

Hello @Tootoon, Welcome to the forum.

Of course it is possible to use any headphones that You can connect to the headphones output. But You would like to avoid using Bluetooth headphones, as they have too much delay. That means - all what You to You will hear in the headphones after a second or half second. It is very hard to mix that way.

Hi Noise Riser, Thanks you for your fast reply. I wasn’t expected it so soon ! I knew bluetooth was worst than wire to forward the sound… I didn’t know it was this delay. Anyway, your answers clarifies the way I’ll use the headphone. Thanks to my friend who translated your answer and wrote my current reply :wink: I’m such a piece of crap with english… With kind regards

Greetings to You and Your friend then and happy mixing!