Beug prime 4

Bonjour avec la nouvelle mise à jour 2.0 de la prime 4 hier entrain de mixé sur la platine gauche j’avais le fx flanger activé et en même temps j’ai activé le roll pendant 13 secondes la chanson bégaie et la chanson rejouait normalement

Si, questo accade se tu non spegni l’effetto prima di ruotare la manopola di selezione FX.

Perciò tu dovresti premere il pulsante per spegnere FX, poi cambiare da Flanger a Roll, e poi attivare il effetto Roll.

Questo è un bug conosciuto, comunque grazie per averlo scritto.

(Since here on the forum the Germans write in German, the French write in French so why can’t we Italians write in Italian? :crazy_face: :japanese_goblin: :joy:)

And Russians write in russian, Polish people write polish, and let’s wait for Chinese to start as well. What kind of a mess it would be?

I would suggest that everyone writes English. It is less problematic for majority of members to understand and provide help.

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I think an official Forum for thousand of problems Is a Circus. Maybe indian and Arabian people Will contribute in their languages to!!!

So please Denon, start to produce 100% functionable hardware and software.

I Will pay hardware and software something more, but i Will professional ingeneers.

We Will see what happened with Pioneer in 2022.

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Jestem Polakiem. Masz coś do nich??? Wszystkie posty do tej pory pisałem po angielsku. A ty ucz się jezyków kolego :slight_smile:

My advice to members is to write in English as well. I’m not against other languages, but I seldom translate them myself.

My simple reasoning is that the search index will be better and more complete in one language set. Another reason is that most forum members and staff understand English, so the amount of help and response will be higher.

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Jak byś czytał ze zrozumieniem, to byś wiedział, o czym tu jest mowa. Mówię biegle w czterech językach obecnie i uczę się kolejnych. Nie potrzebuję Google translate do pisania po Polsku, nie wiesz skąd pochodzę. Jak nie znasz ludzi, to nie oceniaj. Nie rób kolego wiochy na forum.

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I think you have to do as on the Serato Dj forum, there are 4/5 languages ​​for mutual aid and that’s fine! And the main language for submitting requests, reporting bugs, or adding functions . It is not within the reach of everyone to explain things correctly in their language, then to go through a translation site which risks modifying the meaning or seeing the content of their explanations, or of their request for advice on use regarding functions, because translation sites do not know all the technical terms or abbreviations, it remains more or less approximate. A few years ago … I took over from 2 people who took care of the French part of the Serato DJ Forum to give DJ hardware advice and hardware optimization and Apple and Windows computer software for 10 years and in parallel, I did the same on the Audiofanzine site, then recently I focused on your Prime product line, I advice therefore also on the Audiofanzine site and share the news of the Prime range and I do the same on a dedicated Facebook page: Denon Dj prime France and the feedback is: that there is no French support and that they struggle to explain themselves on the Denon forum and they very rarely get an answer or even sometimes never. For my part, I try to help and understand the things of why and how with some it buggy and for others not and when I say that some and I even meet very little, see even no problem we are criticized in the sense that we are paid by Denon or we are Fanboy. I assume that we all use computer products of different generation and in different ways, with more or less correct characteristics and also depending on the quality of our music which will also be more or less good with either bad tags or inappropriate special characters, bad encoding compression, bad bit-rate “VBR” instead of “CBR”, or simply because they have corrupted audio files coming from more or less legal sites that offer poor quality, or simply because a hard drive is partially damaged containing bad sectors, add to that people who want to save money by buying media types SD card, USB key, or SSD of poor quality, know that no one is responsible for this, it’s your choice and not to mention people who are lazy to open a notice or even watch video tutorials on the net and I am not talking about people who do not know not bring change and those who influence users by highlighting only flaws or things that may be related to a misunderstanding of the user or simply because the person does not have the skills to understand the or the products he has in hand and despite the various aids made available, there are some or it has to work directly at the connection. I say all this because when I was a reseller and even a trainer and clients, I had all kinds of them, some did not assume that they were a user problem for lack of knowledge, they created problems and it was the fault of the seller or the brand. It is therefore important to have a good follow-up of listening and comprehension and especially of reactivity whatever the language is especially that the basic languages ​​are: English, French, German and it seems to me that there is has Chinese and for a few years Arabic. So even if it is necessary to say things clearly like: Yes! we can do it and that no it is not possible answer the questions, made of the subcontracting with the different countries by finding a person who will take the time to answer according to the language, in addition it will relieve this forum.

In some countries there is not even a demonstrator or tutorial in their languages ​​and it is a big weakness of your brand, it is really a shame.

Nie interesuje mnie skąd jesteś i w ilu językach mówisz. Nie znosze gdy ktoś się czepia innych narodowości. Więc sam nie rób wiochy. Pozdrawiam.

Nikt się nie czepia nikogo. Piszesz o nauce języków, a sam nie potrafisz odczytać poprawnie o co chodzi. Nawet nie potrafisz odczytać skąd pochodzę pomimo pisania w sposób typowy dla Polaka. Naucz się czytać ze zrozumieniem zanim zaczniesz do kogoś pisać bzdury.