Best RCA cables for SC5000s

Now that Serato is working (and how great the players have now just become), I need more RCA cables so I can use timecode signals.

Any advice on what cables to get? Do I bother with Neo’s or just get gold plated cables?

Hi Yeltsin, sorry if I’m picking up on the wrong thing here, as you may be running vinyl decks in your setup etc. But, you dont need to pass timecode/DVS signals around/through your SC5000 to use Serato with the SC5000/X1800.

The Serato Controller mode, passes platter movement data, including direction and speed etc through USB, without Noisemap/DVS/Timecode.

Of course, a good thread about cable selection, and whether a $200 cable is 4 times better than a $50 cable etc, is always good - now and again.

You don’t need RCAs to use the 5000s with Serato. Just plug your USB 3 cables from each player to a good powered USB hub, connect your mixer directly to a USB port on the laptop (recommended/imperative)

The mixer handles the sound whilst the player just acts like a “glorified” midi controller but natively mapped. The sound card in the mixer is not being used.

With other software like Traktor you can choose to use the players for sound by setting them up as an aggregate device and mix externally. Then a RCA cable is needed as each player pushes sound to the mixer for the corresponding deck it’s assigned to.

What’s wrong with the stock RCAs? they look robust enough and not that cheap one that normally ships with other manufacturers.

Ah, OK. So just stick to controller mode and use timecode vinyl then?

The stock cables were missing out of 1 of my boxes, but I got a great deal on them so didn’t complain :wink:

Yes with turntables, you have to use timecode vinyl and switch your mixer channel input to USB / DVS. I’m not sure what mixer You have. If using a soundcard e.g. SL3 or 4 switch to whatever lines you have the out put of the card connected to on the mixer.

With the SC5000 make sure you are in internal mode within Serato to use the HID/Controller mode.

Talk to the shop you bought from about the missing leads they might be able to hook you up pro bono.