Best external hard drive for usb hub (rear side)?

Hi, i am still satisfied with my Denon MCX 8000. Next time i want to connect an external hard drive with 4tb (rear side) and use this at weddings. I have understood that i have to format the hdd to fat32.

Now my question: Which drive do you prefer? It is just a 2.0 USB-Port-Hub on the rear side. It should work without any problems on a mac & serato dj.

Please let me know before i buy a drive.

THX Franz from germany

Here are my 2c’s.

I would stay away from Seagate and Maxtor.

My personal choice has been WD (Western Digital). They have been pretty reliable in any setup I have used them in.

I tried to connect a hd in the back door of the mcx, but to me from problems using seratodj pro and the mcx screens are locked and the cpu rises to the maximum! and if I unplug it I have to restart serato even if the mac is optimized for seratodj.

The hub on the back of mcx8000 only operates properly when used via pc …ie hd pluged in and pc controlling or so were led to believed…as for the right hd …samsung now use seagate hd and seagate drives are useless …wd hds and sandisc which is a wd sister company are the best out there if you dont mind the price tag …as for any other hd out there its a massive gamble as to if they work…hope this helps

Can we get clarification from Denon on this please! IS the USB plug on the back for HD when using a PC only?

Beside WD, I would say G-drive is also a viable option.

The USB-connection on backside is USB-hub only. It will only work with a PC.

It can also be used to supply USB power. I plug my 11" monitor in to it and it is powered from the port.

There are many good external HDD available in the market from brands like Samsung, Transcend, Seagate and Much more. If you are looking for best external HDD for Mac, then I would suggest you to go with Samsung T5 SSD drive.