Best Denon Repair Center? [U.S.]

Hello all,

I need advice. So my main question is: what is the BEST denon repair center in the U.S.?

I have used Panurgy in NJ- they are cheap. I had them repair a motor in a Denon 3900 and they never sent me back the original motor (and it was still in working condition). I eventually asked for it back and they said they no longer had it. They are a shady company.

When I needed my denon x1600 fixed, I then used Electronic Express in West Chicago, IL. They were better but when they sent my mixer back, they packaged it VERY poorly. I was working for a shipping center at the time and I sent them my mixer fully bubble wrapped with additional padding; then they sent me it back not fully wrapped. Very unprofessional on their end, especially after I did all the packing work for them.

-NOW- I’m looking for the next best center? Right now my Denon x1600 mixer has misfiring headphone cue buttons. For some reason, when I have a song playing on any channel, the headphone cue from all the other channels cause the music to be played through the headphones. This is very bad. Does anyone know if this is something I could even fix on my own?

Thank you!

It’s sounds like you’ll never be happy with any service center.

As you x1600 will be no longer with any warranty you could just take it to any walk-in place who repairs electricals. That way you don’t worry about packaging as you can walk it in and walk it away

I’ve tried 2 of the 50 service centers listed on Denon’s website, boycotting only 2 of them doesn’t mean much.

Yesterday I called another service center and told them my issues with Panurgy and the service representative LOL’d and said he hears all the time that their service is bad. He also said they are very rude to him when they have to do business, which I also agree with.

In regards to your comment that is actually related to my question, I have called a handful of electronic stores near me and none of them specialize in pro audio gear, which is why I need to stick with the service centers Denon recommends on their website.