Beginner USB Help Showing no Track info

Hi I have just brought the MCX8000 and need some help I have the MP3 files on the usb stick and they play but no track info is displayed

I have tried a few ways in the Engine but iam not sure the correct way to export the files with the track info to the usb stick

Thanks Matt

Best is to put the MP3 tracks in a folder on your computer hard disk. Then add those track from that folder to Engine so they can be analyzed. You will see the USB stick in the list under the main Engine Library box. If there is a + sign in front of it, click it. It will open the drop down with Engine Target, History, Recent and Playlist. With Engine Library highlighted you can select tracks and drag them to Engine Target. Or if you have made playlist in the top box, you can open that list up (click the +) and drag and drop the playlist(s) you want to the playlist folder on the device.

Hope that makes sense and helps some.

It still doesnt show the tack title or bpm iam i missing something


Does it show in Engine on the laptop/computer (In both Engine Library and Engine Target) but just not on the screens of the 8000? Or not at all?

I just did the following to test:

  1. I stripped an MP3 tag from all tags. So essentially an empty MP3 file with only a filename
  2. I formatted a USB stick (FAT32)
  3. I opened Engine 1.5
  4. Right-click on Engine Library and “add file …”
  5. Navigated to the tagless file and added it
  6. The file was added and analyzed (it will if you have auto-analyze set to on)
  7. It showed the file without any tag info but WITH bpm (from analyzing). Under track name it had the file name
  8. Loaded the track in the player and it showed beatgrid (from analyzing)
  9. Manually changed track and artist name and hit ENTER (if you don’t it won’t save the info)
  10. Create a playlist “Test MCX8000”
  11. Added the track I just did and a track that was already in my collection (fully tagged and with key info) to playlist
  12. Opened tree for usb stick so it showed playlist
  13. Dragged playlist from main to target playlist
  14. When that was finished (not the fastest, but hey) right-click the drive letter of the USB stick and hit eject (wait til the letter is actually gone from the list before removing it)
  15. Stuck the USB stick into the MCX

From there on it was business as expected. Navigated to the playlist, loaded both tracks and it showed BPM and track name as expected.