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So, I came across a program named beaTunes yesterday, which scans you iTunes library and adds data like BPM, key etc. to the tracks in iTunes…

Does anyone know if Engine Prime will “extract” this data when importing your iTunes library?

Have not had the chance to test it yet, and will not have until saturday - so thought I would ask here, before even installing.

Any info will be much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Hmmm interesting!!!

My thought exactly :smiley:

Annoyingly, it’s another autotaging program that doesn’t seem to fill in the YEAR tag

YEAR tags can be difficult I guess… Is it the original track from 19xx or a Remix from 20xx…

But yes it would be lovely if it did.

I wouldn’t care if the remixes didn’t get tagged properly, I went off remixes a long time ago. People just want the unmolested radio edits and if it’s a good dance track, I just extend it with loops.

Getting the original, first released in, year would help a lot for decade nights

Depends on the crowd and gig-type, whether they wants the remixes or the originals :wink: There are a lot of different types of gigs and as many different types of djs - we all have our preferences/ needs/ wishes.

None is more correct than the other.

But yes, like I said before, it would be a great feature if it added that as well.

Jumping in on the remix comments (sorry to de-rail! lol) but I definitely am 50/50 on it. Lots of crowds don’t care for remixes but I will say if you wanna keep the integrity of the original mix check out the DJ Scooter mixes on (mostly) DMS, I LOVE THEM! They still sound like originals but they mix really well.

Ok back to beaTunes! : )

Are you saying you’re using this software or just mentioning it ?