Beatport Link in Engine Prime?

Hi. I assume the answer is “no” but is there anyway to bring tracks from Beatport Link into Engine Prime (desktop version)? I run into a lot of incorrect BPM’s on Beatport and I’m having to buy the tracks (which is fine but it’s getting kind of expensive)… I am currently preparing everything in Recordbox and then importing into Engine. Recordbox allows you to prepare tracks from Beatport Link but when I import it into Engine Prime it doesn’t recognize the tracks from Beatport Link.

I could theoretically just create a Recordbox USB and plug it into my Prime 4 however, the Prime 4 uses the BPMs from Beatport rather than the ones from Recordbox. I’ve seen tracks display the correct BPM on my playlists then as soon as it’s downloaded into the Prime 4, the BPMs change back.

This could all be resolved if Engine Prime could create metadata for Beatport Link tracks or if the BPMs could be changed from within the Prime 4 but so far, Denon has kind of stonewalled us on this.

I hope this gets added to the next firmware and/or software update.

Obviously, at any gigs, I would buy all of my tracks to use via USB but for livestreaming on Youtube / Twitch, it would be nice to just use Beatport Link.


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You’re proposing a great idea above. I’m curious what the differences are for you, between any gigs and when you live stream eg: you’ll buy music for gigs, but not for livestreams?

For me, I know that I get paid for going to a gig, but if I stream from home it would get me no wages - is that why ?

I’ve suggested the same thing in the past (somewhere on the forum). All the streaming services need to be accessible from Engine Prime, so we can log in, browse, analyze, correct BPMs etc.

The login info should be integrated too, so we can access the settings to change passwords for example. This is a major problem on the hardware because the settings are only accessible once you’re logged in - so if you can’t log in, you can’t access the settings.

The main reason would be to eliminate any bottle necks that could cause system failure like dodgy wi-fi. I know I have strong wifi at home but theoretically a 5G phone hotspot could be sufficient at a festival or whatever depending on the location. Plus, you never know how the promoters will be, if they insist you use their CDJs or if they’re OK with you bringing along your Denon. There is also heat to consider too (here in Las Vegas). I don’t know how this Prime 4 will fair in 100 degree weather. CDJs are supposed to be able to handle a little bit of dirt, sprinkle from rain, and 150 degree heat. I haven’t heard anything negative regarding Denon and heat, but the bottom line to using strictly USB at live gigs is to be ready for anything that might pop up. Laptops have a hard time in heat too so that’s not as sturdy of an option as USBs but I’ve seen a lot of big time DJ’s using laptops. But why risk it if you don’t have to?

That’s my philosophy but it’s subject to change :slight_smile:

If it’s important l, don’t leave it to streams. If it’s important, have all the required tea is on you local hard drive

It’s not a good idea to have tea anywhere near your hard drive. Liquids and electronics don’t mix.


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