Beatport Link - content access issue


I upgraded my Prime 4 to the latest 1.5.1 to take full advantage of my Beatport Link access.

However, I’m experiencing problems accessing content via Prime 4 that won’t allow me to correctly load the desired content. The first upload works and when I want to upload the second one, the error message (see attached image) appears.

I wanted to make sure this was not due to a network access problem by switching to my TIDAL Access. With TIDAL, I don’t have any problem to access the contents.

Are you aware of this problem? What are the solutions?

Thank you for your help.

You mean the first download works. You can’t upload things to Beatport Link from the Prime 4.

It could just be like the message says - the track is missing. The service contains faulty tracks sometimes too - I found a few recently.

What is the “2AM” track (who is the artist)? Did you try playing the same track from your computer?

Sorry, I mean Download, yes.

The track is not missing because via the computer, I can listen to it directly.

The track is present on the server, on the Beatport side.

Is this beatports quality setting again?

Like if you’ve subscribed to beatports medium quality service, and select a high quality track , it claims it’s not there or cannot be loaded.

I subscribe to Beatport Link Pro.

The Audio configuration is set with WAV.

The file naming is the following: {bpm}{track_id}{track_name}({mix_name}){genre}{key}

You’re confusing me now. The audio configuration is set with WAV? On the Beatport web site?

That shouldn’t matter. It’s not WAVs that download to the Prime 4.

File naming? Again, are you referring to the web site? It’s not relevant.

Tell us the track details, so we can try from our devices.

Yes, the audio configuration is set via the Beatport website with the WAV format

For file naming, yes, I’m referring to the website. That was just to give you the info.

You have a visual trail through the attached files

Audio setting needs to be done via the gears icon on the player. However, you stated you have Link Pro, so default 256K should work.

I think you experience the same as below and it’s being investigated:

If you don’t mind, I’m going to close this topic.

The track loads and plays fine here, so it’s not an issue with the track.

Tomorrow that same track could play fine on his device/account…

Not very reassuring if this were to happen at a gig though. That download to cache thing needs to happen ASAP to overcome any issues like this.

I bought the track last week anyway, so I’m OK :+1:

I am having the same issue with my SC5000s. Songs play fine and after a while one fails (may be network glitch ?) and then NO songs (even non-beatport link ones) can play. The “download popup” stays.

If I change layer then I can play the song that just failed on beatport or any other songs. I need to reboot the player for things to work again.

Note: I am not in the US, but in Singapore, so I guess I am more likely to get an interruption.

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I confirm in spite of being well covered in WIFI and that I have a total access to TIDAL without any problem, that there is a real problem at BEATPORT on Prime 4 to fetch content with the 1.5.1 update.

I have a Beatport Link Pro subscription and can’t fetch content; a window appears indicating : Track Not Available - This track is missing from the server " so the track is available and accessible via the BEATPORT interface on my Mac.

I’ve also notified Beatport tech support.


So this problem occurs only with Beatport or also with the other Streaming providers included in the Prime 4 Fw.1.5.1?

I had a complete crash on soundcloud. But with Tidal no problems, so far.

Same. SUPER frustrating.

I am also having this issue! It can’t load any track. It was working the other day :-(.

I’m just sticking with Tidal as a supplement to my own hard drives

Me too with my prime 4. Beatport tracks not loading, error messages. Hangs on a downloading message as well. Only way to get out of that is to reboot device. Hopefilly a fix will come soon.

It does seem to be a Beatport issue. Maybe their servers are not up to the job?

VDJ users are also complaining about it.

Tracks play on the site (albeit the preview) but can’t be accessed any other way.

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