Beatmatching problem in stand alone mode

Hi all I have some strange issue with Beatmatching in stand alone mode. I prepare all track in Engine , when i connect USB stick to my player i can easy select some track i like to choice, but if i select two track and 1st is 125 BPM 2nd is 127 BPM… so to mixing i setting same BPM let said 125 , normaly should by same tempo but its not, i need set 125.4 or 125,3 to get same tempo , i dont know where is the problem ?? Any ideas ?? Thank You

did you verify that the determined tempo of both tracks is 100% correct?

It’s a tool not a rule. If you manually beatmatch, setting the pitch on screen is helpful for a starting point, after that all by ear. If you use Sync, then it should all work correctly, unless - as @joxani mentioned - the analysis got it (slightly) wrong.

So, even using sync, always listen in your headphones and make any adjustments necessary.

The problem is than Engine 1.5 dont set the beatgrip properly. And the much bigger problem is than Engine 1.5 dont have the option to manually fix.

So, if the beatgrid is wrong, you have nothing to do about it.

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True, only the option to move the beat. But not finetuning the grid itself.

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OK, Thanks for help :slight_smile: