beatgrids don't show up in MCX8000 standalone

Hey y’all, I can’t seem to figure out why my beatgrids don’t show up in standalone… Waveforms and crates and all that other jazz shows up though. Is it something I’m not doing correctly on export from the engine prime software? Is it my controller? Any and all feedback, tips, and ideas will be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Everything works fine for me. I’m using Serato DJ

Serato DJ works just fine for me too. It’s when I switch the controller to standalone mode and play music through my USB stick, the beat grids don’t show up.

Did you analyse the tunes in Engine prime or just export them ?

Yes I’ve analyzed all my tracks, over and over again… re-analyzed, re-imported, and re-exported. I think I’ve tried everything and still can’t get my beatgrids to show up. That’s why I’m bringing this problem to the forum, I usually am able to troubleshoot on my own :slight_smile: