Beat port link offer

Is anyone else not seeing the 2 free months of beatport link offer? I recently registered my device and am wondering if it for new registrations only even though it says for all denon prime owners.

I see it at the bottom of the “registered products” page, and I’ve had my Prime 4 for around a year now. Clicking it provides a code to enter on the Beatport/source website.

If you’ve previously had a Beatport/source trial, it won’t allow you to use it - but if you register with alternative details it works (which is what I did ;-)).

Weird. These are the only ones I see

I’m not seeing it either and I’ve never had beatport of beatsource, redeemed tidal successfully last month but cannot see these 2 new offers even though I got an email from denon about the offer.

Ya. Haven’t heard anything yet from Denon either

Oof. I hope it’s not gone. Been using it to convince people to purchase sc6000’s lately.