Beat ( gridding ) a dead horse..... sort of

I know this is a subject it’s already been discussed on here but I don’t think it’s been thoroughly addressed. Here is what I’m experiencing. Please keep in mind I’m hoping to make the jump from Serato to the Denon Primes Laptop free! And I think it can be a smooth transition as long as engine primes beat gridding controls were refined.

My steps… -Analyzed my whole library through Engine Prime (15K songs) -Hotcues came across but beatgrids were off on 30% of my files could not adjust them correctly due to Engine Primes beatgridding limitations

  • Purchased 2 SC5000 loaded up my flash drive and I was rolling and having fun until i hit a song that wasn’t peeped correctly due to beat grids and BPM being off.

I am migrating my workflow from Serato DJ and Beatgridding is an important part of my file management workflow.

I’m an open format DJ so I have a lot of different genres of music. If we we were all “House Music” DJ’s this wouldn’t be an issue.

If the Staff at Denon can figure out how to fully manipulate the beat grid with out manipulating the pitch of the song this would be the best platform on the market. If you need an example just check out Serato’s beatgridding capabilities, they are second to none.

Keep up the good work guys! if you need song expample I can send you them and I can also send you video how I beat grid those same songs in Serato with no issues.


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