Bad Batch of Prime4's?

I talk a lot of people into buying Denon Prime Gear, so I also get phone calls, messages, and e-mails when issues arise. Most are user error related, so talking them through it is easy enough. However, I have received more than a dozen hardware related issues on the Prime4. Mainly 1 side will become unresponsive or the unit freezing after startup. Replacing the Prime4 always ends up being the solution to fix the problem.

My question, was there a bad run of Prime4’s that went out to market? If so, is there a way to easily identify the defective units via serial number?

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It’s natural numbers. Just pro-rata. The prime 4 is outselling any other play out product, standalone or midi now at a 9 to 1 ratio according to my main store , and there aren’t that many to choose from here.

So there will be more user queries. It’s like the roadside Automobile repair organisations will get more help calls for Nissan cars than they do for Porsche, because there are simply more nissans on the road than Porsche’s

Two more refunds issued this past week. :frowning: I’m just stopping referrals for the Prime4 moving forward. If they can’t afford the SC5000/6000’s paired with an 1850 at discount, than they will be offered the XDJ-XZ/RX2.

You’ll be swimming against the tide with that

I have to swim with what works.

Yeah I’m finding my prime4 very buggy and it freezes won’t turn off at times. It’s awesome when it works just a pain and unreliable. Support not the best either!

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