Aux Input through Headphones

I take my Prime Go on trips to do streams from and have an iPad setup with a soundboard app to play my radio bumpers and idents. I’m unable to hear the output from the ipad through the headphones even though it’s absolutely going through the master output. I haven’t found any settings on the device to change this. It would be pretty helpful since I don’t travel with speakers to hookup to the master or booth outputs. I only use my headphones with the master running to an audio interface.


Would be good if you could also hear the mic input through headphones aswell.


I agree! I would like to use my iPad with the Prime Go too! I want to use Djay Algoriddim AI Neural stems/mixes as additional layers, and would love to hear through the headphones too.


Big Agree! Must!


+1 this would be cool.

I also really need this feature. I thought I could connect a drum machine/groovebox into the aux input and then beatmatch by ear. But since I can’t hear any part of aux through the headphones it really doesn’t work. I understand that it’s directly connected to master and aux cue is not possible. But we should be able to listen to master mix on the headphones, I can’t quiet understand what kind of signal chain are there.

Can somebody let us know if this is a hardware limitation, or if this can be resolved with a software update?