Automix Function

Hi, Is there any way that an automix function could be integrated into a future software update for the Prime 4? I would like to be able to use automix for cocktail hour and dinner music without having spaces between songs and have it selectable so I can use it in the main mix and/or zone output. I would also like to be able to have an auto beat sync feature that will sync the beat grid of songs so that a playlist will automatically beat mix. Serato already has this feature. Also, you could select how far into the current song the next song will mix (seconds or beats). I would also like to be able to edit tags on the Prime 4 by highlighting a track and pressing for 3 seconds to access the tag editing capabilities. Currently, tags can only be edited in Engine Prime on a laptop. If possible, I would like to see better beat grid analyzation in Engine Prime and the Prime 4 because 50% - 80% of the songs are being incorrectly analyzed.

If you have the patience to search in the “Feature requests” you will find other friends who have made your requests (perhaps). Click the links, and if that’s what you ask, you can vote on this request (click on the heart):


Tag edit

It will come to the Prime 4 as well - but are you using the latest Engine Prime 1.5.0? And at what range have you set it to analyze in the settings?