ASIO support removed in EP 1.1

I asked this question already in a different thread but it didn’t got attention and it might be better to have its own post…

In the release notes for Engine Prime 1.1 it is said under ‘Other Changes’ that ASIO Support has been removed. I wanted to ask the rational behind. Is this because of the license fees to N.I. ?

Depending what the Roadmap for EP is in the future, it limits the possibilities - at least this is my opinion. Knowing that this isn’t a problem for the current functionality of the software, I was surprised seeing this …

Any comments?

Since when has ASIO anything to do with NI?

Steinberg is the licensee and to my knowledge is Yamaha the last owner.

@Reese. My fault… it is Steinberg - you are right. Sorry for the confusion.

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I didn’t even know it had ASIO support in version 1.0. I could be mistaken, but I don’t see a reason it would be needed in preparation software. As for the future, nothing has been limited at all - if the future needs ASIO, it can added again at such a time.