Are we ever going to get any new features on the Prime Go?

Are we ever going to get any useful new features for the Prime Go or is it always just going to be firmware updates fixing bugs/problems of released updates?

For example:

  • New effects
  • New/more sweep effects
  • VU monitoring for channels 1 & 2 (not just Master)
  • Effects on mic
  • Monitoring of Mic and Aux through headphones
  • A grid Edit mode that actually works.
  • Etc, etc

We’re always being told that the future will be amazing with Engine OS/DJ but would be nice if some new stuff could be added soon?

The Go may be the baby/cheapest way into the Prime universe, but surely that should mean updates and new features should be available too?

Seems you get more bang for your buck with the new Numark standalone device which is nearly half the price of the Go.

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+1 for more effects and finally VU meter for the channels and not for the master (or switchable when you press cue)

What I would definitely want is a storage of the individual FX settings for the individual effects.

Every time you have to switch everything again when you change the effect - this is really not very practical

Features requests have already been created for it.

I hope that the Denon team not only takes into account the number of votes, but also the minority of PrimeGo owners.

Unfortunately, we will always remain the minority that of course there are many more Prime4 / 2 owners than PrimeGo owners

Didn’t all Prime hardware got streaming and lighting throught firmware updates?

And was it not confirmed that Prime Go has mic routed directly to output, making it impossible to apply fx and cueing? Or was that just a (educated) guess here on the forums?

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It may be that it is so. Perhaps Denon will comment on it here one day. Then we at least know what is physically not possible.

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I’d love to see effecting using the touch screen xy pad would be cool. There is so much more they can do.

Maybe it’s a case of “Blame it on the battery”

Remember all that hoo-haa that happened when Apple were found out for making their phones run slower the older the battery got, so that battery charge life would be stretched out?

So … the more processing a battery device does, the faster it eats through the charge in the battery.

Perhaps then it’s considered that if denon add much to the Go, it’ll eat through its battery extra quick.

As “run on battery” is the go’s main Usp I could see why they want to keep the battery life long by keeping it lean on features

Hi SlayForMoney. I was clearly told here on the forum that the microphone was routed directly to the output. It seems to me that you also commented on that discussion! And I doubt that all requests will never be considered by Denon (in my opinion very absent in after-sales service). Bye!

There were just too many restrictions / compromises for me. Certain things are only noticed after a long time in practice - thought I could come to terms with them - unfortunately this is not the case

Obviously, more is being done with updates for Prime4 users due to the sales figures

I bought the Prime4 in white - it was a painful investment - but the device is really great.

Certainly quite big, I never used the PrimeGo’s battery