Apple Music, Spotify, etc... Adding more streaming services?

It would be great if you can include Apple Music, Spotify, etc… Adding more streaming services broadens the scope of the users experience. I currently have a student subscription to Apple Music which is incredibly cheaper than Tidal, and having multiple music subscriptions just isn’t ideal. How about inquiring about joint ventures? Opening up the market for more flexibility as it will entice new clients to purchase the device for its flexibility. As myself, I’m sure there are users that are not interested in using Tidal or the current services added, for whatever reasoning, be it financial, or technical. It would be great for marketing and expanding the reach of what this dope hardware can already do!


Those services are aimed at consumers for home personal use, not DJs.

Spotify was at one point available to use via a few “home DJ” apps, but they have now completely withdrawn from that market - presumably after complaints from artists/labels.

Apple Music is locked to Apple.

Soundcloud, Tidal, Beatport and Beatsource already provide plenty of choice for those who choose to stream music.


Hey PK!

I appreciate your enthusiasm! How ever the services were initially designed to be used, as turntables were designed to play a record, never were they expected to be scratched on them…

Considering technology is forever evolving, so are the services that may have been used one way, but now can serve a new purpose. Inquiring about new joint ventures help evolve and support a product for both companies and end users, regardless of it’s original intent and how one fancies themselves. :wink:

Enthusiasm? PK just listed you hard cold facts.

To put things into perspective: you are talking about saving $20 per month while a single prime device costs $1000+.

I would say you chose a wrong path in this student hobby of yours. Buy yourself a DJ software that supports your Apple music and a controller to match it.

It looks like You don’t understand. If Apple or Spotify don’t allow djs to use their services for streaming - you will not get them to work on any dj platform. That is up to the provider to allow the streaming for certain usage.

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Hey man, i think its more down to Apple and Spotify. Im pretty sure Denon would love to work with Apple on supplying streaming services. I just dont think Apple are interested. Anycase welcome to the forum.

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Thank You brother! I appreciate your respectful input. I’m an optimist and as time and technology changes and the demand for certain features will as well. That would be the catalysts for change, but that only happens if we simply ask. “They Squeaky Wheel Gets the Oil”

First dj company to get Apple on board will be top dog in dj streaming. Will Apple do it though… I did have a reloop controller few years ago and that worked so well with Spotify. Spotify pulled out of dj streaming last year or year before. Not really sure why. Maybe again they just dont need it. Shame really as spotify was good.

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Apple is going through major changes in its way of creating “New” revenue. Via launch of its new Apple + channel, it’s diversifying by creating revenue via subscription based platforms, audio, video, apps, and gaming… I’m optimistic that it will come to fruition in time as long as Denon is pursuing some sort of partnership. It’s the future…

Lets see what happens. Denon DJ are innovators for sure. Several times they had ‘worlds first’ products. Be a tasty partnership wouldnt it?

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Absolutely!! At the end of the day it all comes down to $$$$$$$

Tidal is decent though. Periodically they do good offers. I got 3 months for like $5 once. Plus they have a decent student offer.

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I’m gonna do the 3 month free and see how it goes, but in the states, after adding up all these other subscriptions I have with different companies it’s like half a car payment. i.e. Pro Tools, Adobe, YouTube, etc…

I know what you mean. I had Tidal, Beatport and Beatsource at one point. Now i have beatport and beatsource. Ill use tidal for when i do weddings so i can subscribe as and when. Try

You can transfer apple/spotify playlists over to tidal, very cool.

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That’s dope thanks! :pray:

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So far You are aggressive. I just posted the facts - does not matter if You like them or not - these are the facts.

Gents, I’m not going to agree with all the flagging.

DenonDJ will probably add more streaming services if the provider has a business plan for pro-use.

As for the examples given by @kojakmusic: For now, Apple seems to be sticking to their own platform and Spotify has indeed already stated they will not pursue the pro-use Spotify for public or commercial use - Spotify. Some of the “facts” as mentioned by others.

Personally I would like Bandcamp to be added, but they would need to add to the current business plan “buy=stream” and add “stream+offline”.


ty for this info

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Thank you now that’s a respectful response !! Bravo my friend!!! Kids take note this is how you communicate !