Any idea on second wave of SC6000's will be released?

Site I’ve used to purchase says sept. I hope so but don’t want a repeat of the previous few months. Anyone heard anything? Heard sept 14 but who knows.

German retailers seem to have received the large batch, already.

In UK here, hoping it’s this week for me then

MusicStore has a UK branch. SC6000s ready to be shipped:

Aw not long, thanks that’s great :ok_hand:

Most online stores now quoting mid October. What is going on with availability? I understand Covid has potentially caused some issues but this is starting to become a bit of a joke. From Q2 to potentially Q4? What is going on?

You got it without the but

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So how is the competition able to announce new gear and have it widely available?

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The downside of not telling customers about a model release that is a few months away, is that the customers could buy an alternative, thinking there was nothing to wait for from pio.

Both methods have their merits and downsides

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The 3000’s have been ready to go and sitting in warehouses for some time now. I think pioneer planned to release them q2, but had to push back due to covid.

I now see most UK retailers put mid October as shipping date. What happened? I’ve preordered in August hoping to get my hands on them by mid of September but apparently it’s not going to happen :confused:

In Canada the date has been moved to Oct 1 for the 6000.

The 3000 is expected after Oct 10

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I’m having to wait extra 2 weeks for my sc5000 pair too. That can’t be related to the 6000 launch as I see it, but it’s annoying for sure

Just noticed that BOPDJ have a B-Stock SC6000M in stock, could be an option for someone!

My shop was kind enough to put the delivery date of the 6000’s back another 4 weeks (Mid October). Denon, what happened to the ship that was loaded at about the same time as the first airfreight? Should be in Europe by now…

Did it run into some issues, or is there an additional delay in preparing these units in your depots before shipping to your distribution channels? E.g missing (power) cables or a lack of manuals?

worldwide demand for SC6000 is very high right now


The 6000M (M’s only) is now available at Long and McQuade. (Canada)

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I could easily see how demand for the SC6000 has gone through the roof !

I could imagine that a few big groups people, who are halfway “in the know” were holding out for some new pioneer single deck on the horizon, but then saw the cdj3000 and immediately ordered the SC6000


Phase One (UK) have some now, apparently. I just had an email.

Received mine in London today. The vendor did not have enough to cover every single pre-order, but expects to cover their backlog this month and then be able to sell them on-the-fly thereafter.